Men’s Tennis League Fixtures 2021

We have three men’s teams – two of which play in the York Men’s Tennis League. These matches are held on Sunday mornings at 10am. Our other team plays in the National Premier League (NPL).

York Men’s Tennis League – Division 3
Captain: Rob Jackson

DateOppositionHome / Away
Sunday 4th July 2021Appleton Roebuck 1Home
Sunday 11th July 2021Poppleton 2Away
Sunday 18th July 2021Rowntree Park 1Away
Sunday 15th August 2021Racquets 2Home
Sunday 5th September 2021Harrogate Spa 1Home
Sunday 10th October 2021Wigginton 3Away
TBCRowntree Park 2Away

York Men’s Tennis League – Division 8
Captain: Dave Booth

DateOppositionHome / Away
Sunday 27th June 2021Selby 2Home
Sunday 11th July 2021Wigginton 5Home
Sunday 1st August 2021Heworth 2Away
Sunday 15th August 2021Bishopthorpe 2Away
Sunday 22nd August 2021New EarswickHome
Sunday 5th September 2021David Lloyd York 4Away
Jug & Bottle, Bubwith
The White Swan, Bubwith
I Can Play Tennis

Bubwith Tennis Club is kindly sponsored by The Jug & Bottle at Bubwith, The White Swan at Bubwith and I Can Play Tennis (Matt Ward).