Ladies’ Tennis League Fixtures 2021

We have one ladies’ doubles team which plays in the Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League. Matches take place on weekends, but days and start times vary.

Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League – Division 5
Captain: Lizanne Southworth

DateTimeOppositionHome / Away
Saturday 26th June 202110amPoppleton 2Home
Sunday 4th July 20211pmYork 3Away
Saturday 10th July 202110amAppleton Roebuck 1Home
Saturday 24th July 202110amDunnington 2Home
Saturday 7th August 202110amKnaresborough 2Away
Jug & Bottle, Bubwith
The White Swan, Bubwith
I Can Play Tennis

Bubwith Tennis Club is kindly sponsored by The Jug & Bottle at Bubwith, The White Swan at Bubwith and I Can Play Tennis (Matt Ward).