April Members Offer: Racket Re-Stringing

Need to get your racket re-strung for the 2022 season?

The club partners with Angell, through Rob Jackson who is an ERSA master racquet stringer and NPL finals head stringer, for racket restringing.

To get your racket restrung by a certified stringer, email Rob or call him on 07739 840 635. Rackets can be collected from and dropped back at the club.

Special offers for Bubwith Tennis Club members

All Angell strings £20 per racket | 2 rackets for £35  | 3 rackets for £50 | 4 rackets £60
Re strings may be purchased for future use (use by Dec 31st 2022)

Volkl Cyclone £20 per racket instead of £30.

*** limited offer for April only 6 members only ***
10 re-strings using any Angell string £150; that’s £15 per racket! Valid for 24 months.

Angell string types

  • Halo Lime Hex: spin, power and comfort
  • Halo Red Bite: spin, power, feel and durability
  • Halo Cyan Soft: power and comfort
  • Halo Touch: feel, comfort, bite and control

*hybrid with syn gut can also be used within the offer.

All Angell strings are arm friendly.
All re-strings will also include a new over-grip and racket inspection.

Angell Halo Lime Hex racket string
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