Doubles Handicap Tournament May 2021

Our first doubles handicap for 2021 – and our first one for a while due to the covid-19 pandemic – saw a full house of 6 couples battle it out for the honour of being able to claim the May title and. Just as important, the two bespoke commemorative mugs!

Under the expert direction of Tournament Organiser Shaun Pinchbeck – who is celebrating (or should that be lamenting?) 25 years of directing handicap tournaments – the pairs were decided upon and handicaps allocated. As is traditional, some couples felt a little harshly treated whereas others were ecstatic with their handicap points (which determine the starting point scores for each match).

From then on, it was a simple race to 20 points in each match, with each pair serving two points before handing over the duties to the opponents. Whilst getting to 20 was the ultimate aim in each match, getting as many points on the board even in defeat would prove key.

May 2021 - Doubles Handicap Tournament

Following a great set of matches with each couple facing one another, Shaun presided over the award ceremony and the handing over the coveted mugs.

Congratulations to all who took part, including Shaun himself, as everyone contributed to a fun evening’s tennis.

Final totals:

  • Carl & Sarah: 96
  • James & Lizanne: 95
  • David & Shelagh: 92
  • Rob & Maria: 85
  • Tristan & Victoria: 79
  • Shaun & Katherine: 66

Upcoming tournaments:

  • Saturday 19th June @ 7pm – part of the 24 Hour Tennis Marathon (minimum donations/sponsorship apply)
  • Wednesday 28th July @ 6.45pm

Want to find out more about the Doubles Handicap Tournaments? Email Shaun for more information.

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