Court maintenance: March 2021

Replay Court Maintenance has been visiting us and keeping the three courts in good shape throughout lockdown. However, Diana, our Court Director, explained that the North Court is better in terms of moss than the other two courts and that is believed to be down to the fact that it has had more use. Diana has therefore suggested that we seek to encourage our members to use the other two courts.

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Sometimes there are good reasons why people would want to play on the North Court – obviously, it is the only one possible when it is dark. The West Court is sometimes extremely difficult because of the sun and the South Court is generally windier.

However, it was agreed that there could be situations where the West Court is actually better for the sun depending on the time of day and where the South Court would be fine therefore that we should make members aware of this advice, and invite you to consider, where possible, using the west or south court

Tennis court at Bubwith after maintenance
Tennis court at Bubwith after maintenance
Tennis court at Bubwith after maintenance
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